BHRC mobilizes community members for the health, dignity, and safety of people targeted by the war on drugs and anti-sex worker policies. We advocate for harm reduction as part of a broader movement for social justice.

What is Harm Reduction?

It is a philosophy and set of practices that can assist individuals be safer and be applied to make organizations/systems less harmful. For individuals, harm reduction expands choices, increases access, and promotes opportunities to assist people be safer (particularly when engaging in culturally stigmatized behaviors—such as drug use and sex). Harm reduction also aims to shift organizations/systems (and our broader culture) to be safer for individuals and communities.

Harm reduction recognizes that society, and the systems within it, have historically increased harm to people who use drugs or engage in sex work through oppressive policy and stigmatizing culture.

meeting people where they’re at, but not leaving them there

avoiding judgement

acknowledging the significance of any positive change

radical love


A letter to Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s State’s Attorney

February 1, 2019 Hon. Marilyn J. Mosby State’s Attorney for Baltimore City, MD 120 East Baltimore Street, 9th Floor Baltimore, MD 21202 Dear Ms. Mosby – Thank you for your decision, as State’s Attorney, to no longer prosecute marijuana possession cases in the City of Baltimore and to seek legislative...

2019 Policy Priorities

The “overdose epidemic” isn’t new to Maryland. The overdose fatality rate in Maryland has consistently been above the national average since 1999, ranging from roughly 1.5 to 3 times to average rate. The number of Marylanders who died from overdose increased in 2017 for the 7th year in a row,...


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