Maryland Harm Reduction Advocacy Network

Who We Are

The Maryland Harm Reduction Advocacy Network (MHRAN) consists of individuals and organizations committed to promoting the health, dignity, and safety of people who use drugs by educating about, advocating for, and promoting the use of harm reduction principles.

  • We accept that people often use licit and illicit drugs for their benefits, and drug use can range from being helpful and positive to chaotic and dangerous.
  • We acknowledge the real harms and danger that may incur from drug use, and that people may experience problems related to mental health, sex work, and homelessness which can further complicate their drug use.  
  • We recognize that social inequity, racial injustice, and oppressive public policy magnify harm and suppress the voices of communities most targeted and affected by the War on Drugs.
  • We defend the right of people who use drugs and their allies to participate in the public policy dialogue.

How to get involved

The Maryland Harm Reduction Advocacy Network (MHRAN) meets in a different Maryland jurisdiction each month, and offers opportunities to network with other harm reductionists in the area to discuss local and statewide needs. Please reach out to to ask about the next meeting.

Another way to stay in touch with statewide efforts is to join the Maryland Harm Reduction Listserve. This listserve is co-moderated by Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition and the Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute and is intended to be a communication and learning tool for individuals and programs working with and for people who use drugs using harm reduction approaches and philosophy. It is a space for information sharing, horizontal learning, and collective problem solving. Visit this page to request access.

Regional Ambassadors

As part of our statewide advocacy efforts, BHRC contracts with several Harm Reduction Regional Ambassadors who represent various jurisdictions around the state. Regional Ambassadors act as local advocacy experts by attending local events, educating about harm reduction approaches and philosophy, and creating advocacy opportunities for other supporters to engage in.