Harm Reduction Is Essential Messaging Campaign

BHRC’s work is essential! We have increased our street-based outreach since the COVID-19 pandemic began in Maryland and we’re supporting 300+ people per week. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, food, and water are in high demand. Please consider donating via Paypal or our Amazon wishlist. Or, to schedule a donation drop-off,  please leave a voicemail at 410-205-5143.

While material and financial donations keep our essential work moving during this crisis, we at BHRC also believe that the COVID-19 pandemic can guide us as a society to better value harm reduction:

  • People are significantly more aware of the benefits and limitations of public health systems and strategies to stop the spread;
  • We are seeing more attention being paid to our mental and behavioral well-being; and,
  • These dramatic shifts to our day-to-day lives have offered vast opportunities for each of us to showcase our abilities to be creative and adaptable. 

The goal of the Harm Reduction is Essential Campaign is to educate Marylanders about — and urge us all to support — the concept of harm reduction as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Please join this movement for Maryland to  #PrioritizeHarmReduction by taking on some or all of the following actions: EDUCATE, ORGANIZE, ADVOCATE, DISRUPT, REPEAT!

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In January 2020, BHRC launched our 12 Months of Harm Reduction series, exploring a different topic each month through a harm reduction lens. Please join our educational events via Zoom video conference each month! Follow @BmoreHRC on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get the event schedule and registration links.


Physical distancing has pushed us all to be more creative about how we keep in touch with loved ones and community partners. Consider gathering virtually with folks to view, discuss, and share thoughts on videos online from BHRC and our partners:

Coffee Talk with Rajani and Candy, sharing BHRC activities, venting about systemic barriers, and celebrating harm reduction heroes, and generally laughing through the struggle via Facebook Live every Wednesday at ~11:10am:


Harm reduction programs serve people who are often marginalized by traditional healthcare systems, including people who use drugs and sex workers. Harm reduction workers are essential and need access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for themselves and for those they serve. Maryland must #PrioritizeHarmReduction, #DecrimSafety, #EmphasizeAutonomy, #AuthorizeOPS, and provide #PPEinCommunity

Please read BHRC’s letter to Governor Hogan’s Administration and contact your elected officials to share these demands.


Creating political disruptions in our “new reality” takes a whole lot of creativity! To show your support for our demands that Maryland must #PrioritizeHarmReduction, please do the following:

  • Snap a pic of yourself wearing a mask out on your essential trips, and tag us @BmoreHRC with the hashtag #PPEinCommunity on FB, Insta, or Twitter. 
  • Download and print out one of the “This Marylander Prioritizes Harm Reduction” posters below to hang in your car window, house window, pinned to your essential shopping bag, or anywhere for folks to see. Feel free to design your own posters and share with us online!


Our harm reduction movement is strong and is fueled by radical love. We will prevail as long as we stay persistent and vigilant. BHRC is eternally grateful to all of our supporters. In the midst of your harm reduction work in this new reality, we ask that you remember to hydrate, eat, rest, and keep in touch. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates and opportunities to connect.