BHRC’s Position on Amendments to SB420 (Paraphernalia Decriminalization)

Monday, March 29, 2021 Proposed policy Criminal Law – Drug Paraphernalia for Administration – Decriminalization (House Bill 372 and Senate Bill 420) has the potential to become law this year, increasing public health and safety. Over the past week, the Maryland House of Delegates passed HB372 (91-39) and the Maryland Senate passed SB420 with amendmentsContinue reading “BHRC’s Position on Amendments to SB420 (Paraphernalia Decriminalization)”

Hand Washing for the People

By Dave Fell In mid-March of this year, the city of Oakland, CA partnered with Alameda County to provide assistance to unsheltered residents of the area. According to a post on the city’s website dated March 13th, this partnership managed to install 42 portable toilets and wash stations at 19 new encampments (not counting theContinue reading “Hand Washing for the People”

When COVID-19 Harm Reduction is Met with White Feminist Islamaphobia

By Smitha Mahesh, with Rajani Gudlavalleti Content Warning: Islamophobia, sexism, racism As usual, I am scrolling through Twitter, to get the latest tea on celebrities and politicians and refresh my soul with a feed filled with daily pictures of big fluffy bunnies, corgis, and pandas.  But of course, my joyous vibe came to a haltContinue reading “When COVID-19 Harm Reduction is Met with White Feminist Islamaphobia”