BRIDGES Coalition

CLICK HERE to see which Baltimore City Mayoral and City Council candidates support OPS!

Mission Statement

BRIDGES is an advocacy coalition working to end overdose and criminalization by promoting safe spaces, dignity, health, and justice for people who use drugs.

We are advocating for the legal authorization of overdose prevention sites in Maryland that promote:

  • SAFETY because safer consumption in OPS build stronger communities
  • HEALTH because OPS provide a bridge to wellness and healthcare
  • DIGNITY because OPS bring loved ones out of isolation, into healing
  • JUSTICE because OPS provide the safety we need and the justice we deserve

Organizational Members

American Civil Liberties Union – Maryland | Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition | Bmore POWER | Baltimore Psychedelic Society | Baltimore Safe Haven | Behavioral Health System Baltimore | Charm City Care Connection | Chase Brexton Healthcare | DC Dance Safe | Drug Policy Alliance | GBDSA | HIPS | Health Care for the Homeless | IBR REACH | Law Enforcement Action Partnership | Maryland Communities United | Maryland Peer Advisory Council | National Council on Drug Dependency and Alcoholism | North Ave Mission | Nurses for Justice – Baltimore | Open Society Institute-Baltimore | Organization of Hope | PIVOT Program | Progressive Maryland | The Sabina Project | SPARC Women’s Center | SWOP Baltimore | Voices of Hope for Maryland | Youth Empowered Society: YES Drop-in Center

All coalition members must uphold the following values and principles in the work:

  1. Prioritize relationships — At the core of the coalition are high-quality, compassionate, empathetic relationships towards each other, our communities, and our loved ones.
  2. Open communication — This coalition is built upon open communication rooted in truth-sharing, transparency, authenticity, and simply checking in on each other.
  3. Leaderfulness — In BRIDGES, there is room for all. This means a strong practice of equitable facilitation, accepting leadership, showing up, listening, and reviewing notes.
  4. Humility and flexibility — Moving the coalition forward requires continuously engaging in critical self-reflection and willingness to learn and shift our personal perspectives.
  5. Racial justice analysis — Growing a movement to increase safety for all requires a willingness to understand (and be honest about) how systems have been designed to stigmatize Black people, communities of color and poor people.

Do you or your organization want to join the BRIDGES Coalition for Overdose Prevention Sites? 

Use this contact form to send a message to the BRIDGES Coalition directly. If this is an emergency, please seek the appropriate immediate help.

Other Ways to Take Action:

  • Talk to your representatives! Visit to identify your State legislators and their contact information. Also, please follow BHRC for information about other ways to engage in policy advocacy in Annapolis.
  • Share the OPS advocacy videos with your networks! [copy YouTube links and messaging to be developed]
  • Host a BRIDGES Demo OPS (B-DOPS) to learn more about community member perspectives about OPS and help the movement grow. Contact or 410.205.5143 if interested.
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