On My Demon Time, I Might Boycott Onlyfans

By Sheri

From the wise words of Beyonce on the remix of ‘Savage’ by Megan Thee Stallion, ‘on her demon time she might start an onlyfans’, I advise you not to. Yes, that’s right we should not listen to Beyonce this time because Onlyfans does not listen to sex workers.

I’m Sheri, a sex worker and policy advocacy intern for Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition and I know first hand what it is like to be mistreated by Onlyfans. Onlyfans is often used as the butt of the joke when money is tight and people need to make extra cash, fast. Contrary to popular belief, onlyfans is not a joke and can take just as much energy and time, if not more, as a 9 to 5 job. Some people are starting to catch on to this but Onlyfans, unfortunately, does not agree. 

Onlyfans was started in 2016 by British tech investor, Timothy Stokley. He created it to give online influencers and entrepreneurs a chance to monetize their content. Because of the subscription-based algorithm of the site, sex workers flocked to it as a way to sell their content online. Between the media, memes, song lyrics, and Covid-19, Onlyfans boomed in usage. How you might ask? Because of sex workers. Let’s be real, no one is logging into their Onlyfans account to watch someone cook vegan mac and cheese at 11 pm. Sex workers keep Onlyfans relevant and the company repays us by taking a whopping 20% of our earnings and deleting our accounts. Many sex workers, including myself, have had their accounts deleted and money stolen. Some have been deleted because of advertising escort or in-person services and some have been deleted simply because the company is anti-sex work.

Onlyfans has strict rules about not advertising meetups because of SESTA and FOSTA, a group of bills that are supposed to curb online sex trafficking but  ultimately hinder sex workers from being able to do their jobs to the fullest extent. The bills are worded  so more sex workers are harmed from them than survivors of sex trafficking  are helped. Onlyfans hides behind these bills as a reason to delete accounts but sex workers deserve better treatment from the company we helped build. Onlyfans has vehemently denied all accusations of deleting accounts without violation of their terms and conditions but sex workers know the truth. Even the accounts who did violate the terms, as I did, still did not deserve it. 

Timmy, you have messed with the wrong whore because I am now boycotting Onlyfans and if you all support sex workers, you should too. Join me in the #boycottonlyfans movement until SESTA and FOSTA are amended to stop negatively impacting sex workers’ online presence or until Onlyfans refunds all the sex workers whose accounts were deleted. I challenge sex workers to participate as well, if able. While sex workers stop their content, tip them directly via CashApp or whatever their preferred payment options are. Book in-person services, watch live cams, or subscribe to your fave sex workers on their other platforms. We deserve rights and an equal opportunity to conduct our business online however we please. Spread the word and do not cross the horny picket line!

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