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Delegate/Senator Name
90 State Cir
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Dear [Senator/Delegate],

I am a [student/community member/parent/etc.] in your district. I live in [name of county/neighborhood]. I am writing today regarding [Senate Bill 288 or House Bill 326] that was introduced this session to authorize safer consumption spaces for Maryland. I care about safer consumption spaces because [I am a treatment provider/ I am a public health professional/ I am a current or former drug user/ I have family or friends who use drugs], and this legislation would benefit [my patients/ my work/ my loved ones/ me].

I support safer consumption spaces because…
– there has never been a fatal overdose within the space in other places that have implemented them.
– they provide critical medical care for an underserved population, including prevention of HIV transmission.
– they provide a private, hygienic environment to reduce harm to people who use drugs, while also reducing public drug use and public disposal of drug paraphernalia.
– they promote the humanity and dignity of people who use drugs.
– they reduce the stigma of drug use by giving people a space to receive compassionate care instead of punishment.
– they support racial justice efforts to end the War on Drugs and mass incarceration.

Thank you for your consideration of my interest in this matter. I hope you will support this legislation for a safer and healthier Maryland. If you have further questions about safer consumption spaces, please contact the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition and/or BRIDGES Coalition: bmorehrc@gmail.com, bmorescs@gmail.com.

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