We’re Hiring – Statewide!

Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition (BHRC), a program of Fusion Partnerships, Inc., mobilizes community members for the health, dignity, and safety of people targeted by the war on drugs or anti sex-worker policies, and advocates for harm reduction as part of a broader movement for social justice.

BHRC is hiring Harm Reduction Regional Ambassadors from across the state of Maryland to support the coordination of a statewide network for harm reduction advocacy. Ambassadors are expected to represent different regions in Maryland outside of Baltimore City. These positions are designed to be learning opportunities and previous advocacy experience is not required. The hours of these positions are flexible, and Ambassadors should expect to work approximately 5 hours per week (20 per month) from January through the end of April 2019 with potential to add hours or extend additional months. These positions are paid a $440 per month stipend.

Regional Ambassadors will work independently with regular check-ins with the Legislative Advocacy Coordinator and may have opportunities to work with local health departments or community-based organizations. Tasks will vary and can be self-directed. Some potential tasks include:

  • Attend local community meetings regarding drug use, sex work, homelessness, or public safety
    and take note of opportunities for education;
  • Attend or call into monthly meetings of the Maryland Harm Reduction Action Network;
  • Share educational materials with local organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders;
  • Write letters to the editor in local news outlets (with assistance from BHRC staff as needed);
  • Plan local educational and advocacy events to further the interests of harm reduction;
  • Other tasks as needed and depending on interest.

Candidates with personal experience of substance use, incarceration, sex work, homelessness or otherwise being targeted by the war on drugs or anti sex worker policies are encouraged to apply.

Qualifications and Expectations:

  • Successful candidates will be comfortable working independently with limited supervision.
  • Candidates should have interest in and commitment to harm reduction and racial justice.
  • Candidate will be expected to participate in regular check-ins with project leadership.
  • Candidates will need regular access to phone and email to stay in contact. Experience with online navigation, Microsoft Office products, and Google Drive applications will be helpful.

To apply:

Send to Harriet Smith at bmoreHRC@gmail.com:

  • A resume detailing your past experience (work, volunteer, or otherwise)
  • A short letter describing your interest in this position, including (1) a statement of what harm reduction means to you and (2) what Maryland region you have connection to.
  • Subject line of your email should read: Regional Ambassador_ [last name]
  • We are hiring in all regions of Maryland. Positions are open until they are filled. Our preference is to receive applications on or before December 14, 2018, but late applications will also be accepted.

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