Samantha Kerr

Outreach and Communications Organizer

Sam Kerr joined BHRC in December 2018. A member of Bmore POWER since 2016, Sam has provided administrative support, social media oversight, overdose education services, and served as a spokesperson for the harm reduction-based peer network. Sam is a member of NarcoFeminism and the national drug users union.

Ricky Morris

Outreach Organizer

Ricky Morris joined BHRC in December 2018. Since 2016, he has served as a harm reduction specialist with Bmore POWER, providing street outreach, grassroots education, and training in overdose prevention and response. A spokesperson for harm reduction approaches to drug use, Ricky works to reduce stigma and promote equality and self-worth. Since 2014, he has provided harm reduction training and education to dozens of community residents, people in recovery, social workers, nursing students, and other medical professionals.

Rajani Gudlavalleti, MPP

Community Organizing Coordinator

Rajani joined BHRC in January 2018, bringing with her over a decade of experience working at the intersections of social justice, public health, and the legal system. Since March 2017, she has organized BRIDGES, an advocacy coalition that works to end overdose and criminalization by promoting safe spaces, dignity, health, and justice for people who use drugs. Rajani is also a facilitator with Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA) and co-founder of Baltimore Asian Resistance in Solidarity (BARS). She earned her master’s degree in public policy from Johns Hopkins University in 2011.

Harriet Smith, MS

Executive Director

Harriet joined BHRC in April 2017. She brings over fifteen years of experience with various Baltimore area harm reduction, racial justice, and equity focused organizations and projects. She is also a long-time facilitator and board member with Baltimore Racial Justice Action (BRJA). Harriet received her master’s degree in gender studies with a focus on health and sexuality from Towson University.

Tricia Christensen, MPP

Legislative Advocacy Coordinator

Tricia joined BHRC as a volunteer in 2016 and served as policy committee chair and board member before transitioning into a staff position. She has been promoting harm reduction policy for more than a decade, beginning with reproductive health advocacy on her undergraduate college campus. Tricia previously served as legislative staff in the Maryland General Assembly and earned her master’s degree in public policy from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Owen O’Keefe

Owen joined BHRC in December 2018 as a legislative advocacy intern. He provides four years of experience in campus organizing with Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and is completing a bachelor’s degree in behavioral and community health from the University of Maryland, College Park.